Word counts that get through: various

To judge by the response to a recent tweet, it’s interesting to know the word counts of stories. If you too find yourself estimating the number of words in a┬ástory you like, here is a list of the word counts for all past first prize winners of the Willesden Herald short story competition: 2977, 2261, 6362, 4483, 7658*, 4960, 3637, 3033, 7448, 5837.

Word counts for all stories in the Willesden Herald shortlist & book last year: 4670, 4455, 6708, 5837, 1693, 6920, 2972, 6455, 3749, 2260.

* The limit was 8000 that year. It is currently at 7500. We haven’t got a minimum number but, as I’ve been asked what might seem a bit short, I feel that something under 1500 might have to be really┬ábrilliant to get a look in.


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