Longhand chaos begone

Another thing you can use to help organise your work as a writer is a simple spreadsheet with a list of all your submissions. Setup columns for date, submitted to, title, pen name (if you use), result due date, fee, result, etc. Update every time you submit something or get a response. This will save you from sending the same thing to the same place again and suchlike.

S. J. Moran

Now that I’m a full time writer, I regret the years I spent writing everything longhand in notebooks, while doing the day job, which was computer programming. The first thing I’ve had to do while trying to get myself organised is to transcribe everything into computer format, where I can work with it, to “clear the decks” as they say. My mind tends towards chaos, as you would know if you saw how many different writing projects are jumbled and intertwined in the pages of my notebooks. One thing that can help to overcome one’s natural chaotic nature, is to make use of technology to the full, and let it deal with that part of the problem. I bought myself a copy of Scrivener desktop app a long time ago, for this very purpose, and I’m now using it for everything, and it’s great. Instead of having separate files in…

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